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Fire Sprinkler Damage

Even the newest homes can fall victim to fire sprinkler damage issues. If you’ve never heard of it, then we’re here to tell you why it’s such a danger to your home or business! Just like any other flood damage issue, this can severely affect your home if not taken care of immediately. Call now for 24/7 service and 30 minute arrival time! (562)-469-5199

What is fire sprinkler damage?
The state of California requires every property be up to code in order to run a business, and one of these stipulations requires a fire sprinkler. This mechanism helps to avoid major fires that might occur without your knowledge. It will douse the fire, saving your pocket if your property were to experience fire damage. The downside to these mechanisms is they can easily break, malfunction or override the automatic turn off, causing your property water damage. In these cases, Downey 24/7 Flood Rescue can help you!

When water begins to build up, this causes your property’s foundation to weaken with every moment you do not call a professional to repair the damage. Even if you have under an inch of water on the floor, this water will seep beneath carpets and floorboards, which could cause unexpected damage. Instead of waiting, hoping the water will recede call us for immediate inspection and 30 minute on site arrival.

What do we offer?
We will perform a free damage assessment of the affected area. This allows our team to create a custom restoration plan that fits your needs and budget. Our services are professional, our technicians are trained by the IICRC and we work 24 hours a day! That’s right, day or night, we’re here when you need us. Get the most out of your money when you face fire sprinkler damage, and contact Downey 24/7 Flood Rescue!

How about the cost?
We believe in fair pricing! We are not like any other water damage company, who overcharges customers for simple services that you really need! Using Xactimate pricing tool we match industry standards to give you a price that fits in with your budget. We also provide a set list of duties we’ve performed, and provide direct insurance billing! We will take care of your water damage claim, speak with your agent and deal with the messiness that comes along with water damage insurance claims.

Call Downey 24/7 Flood Rescue when your home or business suffers from water damage! We will arrive on site within 30 minutes of your call! Let our technicians take care of the damage!

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